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Special Events

Christmas Santa Shop - December 12,13,14
Although it's only October, it's time to start thinking about our annual Santa Shop! Our Santa Shop is a place where students come to the gym and buy presents for their mom, dad, sister, brother or for anyone they choose. We have some very dedicated Elves that wrap up these presents for the student.
But before we can set up shop, we need some donated items. What we are looking for is items for mom's, dad's, kids, etc. for the children to buy. Items should be in good condition (not broken or worn). We also need a tissue, wrapping paper, gift bags, bow and boxes of various sizes for wrapping gifts. This is a great time of year and the kids have a blast shopping for that special someone!
It's time to go through your closets, storage rooms, and garage and help make this Santa Shop a memorable one. Donated items can be brought to the school and placed on the stage in the small gym. We thank you for all your donations - and your help keeping the spirit of the season alive and well at Alberni Elementary!