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The Alberni Elementary PAC takes part in two kinds of fundraising. Ongoing fundraising that happens throughout the year and special fundraising activities occur once or twice during the year. We are fortunate to have a fundraising committee who have volunteered to take on this responsibility.
Ongoing Fundraising:
Buy-Low Foods and Fairway Market Receipts:
We collect receipts from both Buy-Low and Fairway. For every $5000 worth of receipts the PAC turns in we receive a $25 gift card. We use these cards to purchase food for activities during the school year.
This is a great use for those receipts and an easy way to support PAC activities. Ask your family and friends to save them for you. Collect them and hand them in when you have a handful (you don't have to wait until you have $3000 worth). We do the rest. Just put them in an envelop marked Receipts for the PAC and turn them in at the office.
Alberni Elementary PAC account at the Bottle Depot:
The PAC has an account at the bottle depot under "Alberni Elementary PAC". If you have any bottles that you would like to donate throughout the school year, the students would really appreciate it. Everything we collect goes back to the students, parents or school! Please pass this info along to family and friends...thank you!!!
Special Fundraising:
Special fundraising activities occur when the PAC is raising money for a specific need. These activities usually happen once or twice in a school year. They may include asking children/families to sell items. We never advocate that children go door to door but instead ask families to approach family and friends. If you do not wish to participate in a fundraising activity, you can opt out.
Volunteers are always needed during a fundraising campaign and will be recruited:
  • to count money
  • to process orders
Watch here for information on fundraising activities as they occur.